Randolph Cravey

Co-founder & Board President

Randy has a wealth of experience in education and business administration. He served as Dean of Administration for Wenatchee Valley Community College in Washington State in the 1980’s and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for a Dish Network Services retailer in Puerto Rico. He received his MBA degree from Florida Atlantic University and is responsible for the administrative development of Earth Givers.

Randy was raised on a farm in rural north Florida in the days where bluebirds were commonly found flying above pastures. He grew up enjoying the natural beauty of pristine springs, beaches and cypress forests that his family would frequently visit. He witnessed firsthand how drastically these beloved places changed with the population boom that began in the 1980’s and led to unbridled development. He attributes his experiences in north Florida as the driving force to his commitment in protecting our planet for current and future generations.

Jacob Perritt-Cravey

Co-founder & Board Vice President

Jacob manages business development for Earth Givers. He has been involved in environmentalism before he could walk. Following his parent’s footsteps, he has made supporting community economic and environmental resilience his driving force for his life’s work. He began his work as the founder of We Are Neutral, a non-profit organization that creates locally-based carbon offset.

Jacob studied environmental business at The Evergreen State College and the Bainbridge Graduate Institute and had a 4-year stint running his own surf school in Puerto Rico called “Buena Vida” or “Good Life.” Jacob carries this “good life” attitude with him today as he continues to create economic, socially-integrative and environmental mechanisms for our communities to thrive. 

He now resides in Chimacum, Washington, where he works on regional economic resilience efforts with tribes and rural communities across the Olympic Peninsula. He believes that creating community led networks and initiatives are key to building thriving communities. He recently launched a consulting company called Tree Ring.

Suzanne Perritt-Cravey

Co-founder & Board Treasurer

As a mental health counselor, Suzanne spent most of her early career developing cultural programs for incarcerated boys. In 2001, after she returned from a Greenpeace cleanup camp on Lake Baikal in Siberia, Suzanne was inspired to redirect her career and pursue graduate degree in environmental studies at The Evergreen State College. Her activism had begun in 1992 when the state began massive clearcutting of old growth trees.

In 2009 after she received her master’s degree, her family decided they needed to commit their resources to tree planting to help address the human driven impacts of climate change. Earth Givers was born from a desire to give back to mother earth and bring attention to the value of working locally to make lasting changes. Suzanne brings a wealth of knowledge and knowhow to Earth Givers with her ability to do endless research and her social strengths to work across cultures, time and space to bring people together around a common goal. Suzanne is responsible for connecting Earth Givers to their first project in Haiti that began with reading an inspiring article of a woman and resulted in a life-long sisterhood.

Chelsie Papiez

Staff & Board Secretary

Chelsie spent most of her career working with communities and their environment. She grew up on a small family farm in Olympia, Washington and accredits her passion for nature from her childhood experiences tending to animals, gardening, harvesting seafood from the Salish Sea and camping all over the Pacific Northwest. She has worked with coastal communities in addressing sea level rise and increased storm surge both in Washington State as an Evergreen State College graduate student and in the State of Maryland as a NOAA Coastal Fellow and later as a state employee. Her environmental passion and desire for social justice led her to take a job with the Agricultural Justice Project where she served as their administrative coordinator. With a degree in botany from the University of Washington and graduate degree in environmental studies from The Evergreen State College, she brings focus to Earth Givers on their coordinated projects where people and their environment meet. In her spare time she wears another hat as an astrologer and Reiki practitioner at Radiate Love.

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