Earth Givers is a team of environmentalists and advocates working to mitigate the threats of economic and environmental crisis both locally and globally through community-led projects.

There are great changes occurring on a global scale that impact our way of living. Our hope is to increase community resilience both economic and climatic through on-the-ground projects that help create sustainable ways of gathering some of the most basic human needs of clean water and food access.

Areas of need are identified by:

  • Environmental decline
  • Food access
  • Lack of economic resources
  • Where underserved communities reside

Through our global work we hope to build social well-being through the redistribution of resources in an equitable way while creating space for community-led projects to unfold.

Our Mission

Earth Givers’ non-profit mission is to work from a place of acknowledgment of the human driven harm and neglect of our mother earth by giving back to her vitality by planting seeds of hope and purifying water for those that need it most.

Through the efforts to achieve our mission we acknowledge the ancestors that have come before us and the knowledge of the land and sea still kept by indigenous communities.

Our Current Projects

Women Who Plant

After the major 7.0 earthquake of 2010, we were drawn to do something, to help in some way. Our board visited and listened to rural communities impacted by the quake, and based on community-led efforts worked to increase access to clean water and fruit tree planting both for food and erosion control of the steep mountain terrain. Through this initial effort, Women Who Plant or in Haitian creole Fanm Kap Plante was born. Women Who Plant is now entering 12 years of community partnership.

Western Bluebird Habitat Restoration

Earth Givers supports to the conservation and return of the Western Bluebird by supplying much needed nesting boxes, outreach to neighboring farms, and planting prairie oak trees. Learn more about the Western Bluebird and the steps Earth Givers is taking to ensure future generations enjoy this magnificent bird.

Disaster Recovery Efforts

After Hurricane Maria, Earth Givers partnered with the Discovery Channel to distribute solar lamps, water filters, and generators to remote mountain communities.

After seeing the 2017 hurricane devastation firsthand to the island of Puerto Rico, Earth Givers Board knew that immediate assistance was needed to sustain those most at risk. With the entire electrical grid, water infrastructures and roadways severely damaged it was estimated that critical services would not resume for several months, if not longer for more remote communities across the island.

View of total deforestation in the Haitian mountain slopes.
Completed outhouse building - a community led project for Women Who Plant.

Support Our Work

Earth Givers is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that exists thanks to your donations. Your one-time or recurring donation is 100% tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting our mission.

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