After Hurricane Maria, Earth Givers partnered with the Discovery Channel to distribute solar lamps, water filters, and generators to remote mountain communities.

After seeing the 2017 hurricane devastation firsthand to the island of Puerto Rico, Earth Givers Board knew that immediate assistance was needed to sustain those most at risk. With the entire electrical grid, water infrastructures and roadways severely damaged it was estimated that critical services would not resume for several months, if not longer for more remote communities across the island.

Earth Givers immediately started a fundraising project to purchase generators, water filters, solar lamps, and non-perishable foods. With the funds raised and additional funding from the Discovery Channel, Earth Givers along with friends and family, began to distribute much needed supplies to as many people living in the remote mountain regions as possible. Many of the solar lamps were distributed to schoolchildren to take to their homes to provide families with evening light.

Please watch the short video that documents the journey to deliver solar lamps and supplies to the town of Jayuya located in the mountainous center of the island.

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