Western Bluebirds have long been a passion for our Board Member, Randy Cravey. He has made it his personal mission to help monitor Western Bluebirds in the prairies around the Salish Sea in Western Washington.

Earth Givers supports to the conservation and return of the Western Bluebird by supplying much needed nesting boxes, outreach to neighboring farms, and planting prairie oak trees. Learn more about the Western Bluebird and the steps Earth Givers is taking to ensure future generations enjoy this magnificent bird.

Restoring Nesting Habitat

The Western bluebird (Sialia mexicana) is a beautiful migrating blue and sienna-colored thrush. Bluebirds prefer to build their nests in hollowed-out spaces in trees, and have long nested in Prairie Oaks in prairie habitats in the Pacific Northwest.

However, as their preferred habitats have disappeared bluebirds have become an increasingly rare resident in our prairies and landscapes. By sourcing wooden nest boxes and strategically placing them on trees in prairies around the South Sound, we hope to create attractive nesting areas and rebuild our population of this magnificent bird.

Planting Prairie Oak Trees

Prairie oak trees are the primary habitat for nesting Western Bluebirds. These slow growing trees are critical to the survival of these magnificent birds and we hope to support the planting of Prairie Oak Trees in collaboration with conservationists and local landowners.

Educating Youth About the Prairie

Randy’s passion carries on to educating youth about these sensitive birds and the need to protect their habitat along their migration routes. He takes the time to bring children on his prairie birding adventures to carry his work forward with the next generation.

Interested in Western Bluebird Conservation? 

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