50 Case Challenge!

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Help us sell our wine to benefit clean water in Haiti! Our wonderful winery partner is offering a sweet opportunity to sell our $30 bottled Cabernet Sauvignon for a $50 donation from March 1st until June 1st. Wine sales will directly fund our upcoming rainwater harvest projects at two schools in rural Haiti. The more wine we sell the better we are able to fund these and future clean water projects. It is a win-win scenario for Earth Givers and the children of Haiti. Please help us spread the word! Share with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and maybe that brother-in-law that organizes corporate banquets. The Earth Givers label provides an opportunity to bring a meaningful wine to any table.

Purchase online from our partner Water from Wine. There are options for free shipping for those wishing to purchase 6 bottles or a whole case of 12.

Free Shipping on a 6 bottle purchase you will receive a bottle of Water from Wine's Syrah (5 bottles Earth Givers + 1 bottle WfW Syrah)

Free Shipping on a case of 12 bottles you will receive Water from Wine's Syrah and Chardonnay (10 bottles Earth Givers + 1 bottle WfW Chardonnay & 1 bottle of WfW Syrah)