Bluebird Monitoring 2022

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Bluebird Monitoring Successes

We are closing out another successful and heart filled season of bluebird monitoring in the prairies south of the Salish Sea. Many successful clutches of bluebirds were witnessed growing beautifully from sweet tiny blue eggs to naked hatchlings and finally emerging as blue-winged fledglings. During our time on the prairie, we began hatching plans for expanding our work with bluebirds beyond the southern Salish Sea region. In the coming months, Earth Givers hopes to begin offering bluebird boxes designed and built by Board Member Randy and a good friend and wood craftsman, Michael Moore. Please stay tuned as we refine our boxes and get them ready for online purchasing. We look forward to sharing more details on where and how to attract these glorious birds to your home.

Sweet nearly bluebird naked hatchlings. A very productive clutch of five!

Educating the next generation about the importance of protecting and supporting our fellow animals cohabitating in an ever changing environment. There are less then 3% of the original prairie and oak woodlands left in western Washington (WDFW). These are the habitats that bluebirds, among many species of plants and animals, require to nest and forage in during their reproductive cycle. It is with heart that we work to support them and educate our youth of their importance as a signal of environmental health.

Interested in South Sound Prairie restoration? Check out this video created by The Center for Natural Lands Management: